10 CMs skip the Niti Aayog meeting

The Prime Minister of India recently organised for a meeting at Niti Aayog according to which all the chief ministers were invited to participate in this meeting in order to decide the future course of development. The most important objective behind this meeting was to decide the way in which the economy will grow in the years to come and the different strategies that have to be made in this regard. This particular meeting was very important in order to decide the goals that India has to achieve by the end of 2047. This particular aspect is very important and has to be taken into consideration over the period of time because these particular goals have to be taken into consideration as soon as possible for the best results to take place. But according to the internal sources the meeting was not attended by 10 chief ministers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his dissatisfaction upon the fact that around 10 chief ministers have not attended this meeting. This was something which was not expected from the chief ministers because this was the 8th government meeting which is held once in a year. This meeting was specially organised in order to decide how India could be converted into a developed country. This has been considered as an unfortunate incident in the history of India.

The aim of the meeting was to understand the ways in which India could get out of the financial recession and provide opportunities of development to all the sectors of the economy. But many chief ministers boycotted the meeting and this was something not endorsed by the BJP leaders at all. Niti Aayog has been an important platform in order to develop the country to a great extent. Many chief ministers have decided not to be a part of the same because they feel that the centre is trying to impose itself upon the state and violating the structure developed by the constitution of the country. The objective behind calling the chief minister of every state was to understand the specific issues which are being faced by a particular state so that they could be solved with the help of Universal approach. Niti Aayog is operational at various levels and requires the assistance of not only the centre but also the state.

The decision to Boycott the meeting has been taken unanimously in order to show resistance against the policies of the central government which are definitely not working towards the benefit of the states. These states have decided not to associate with the central government in any way. The objective of the government is completely discussed in the meeting and that is to work together for the benefit of the entire country as a whole but the lack of participation will not be helpful for the achievement of the objective over the period of time.

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