5 million downloads in 4 hours of Thread

Elon Musk’s company Twitter is constantly going uphill, and ever since Koelnmass bought Twitter, he is continually trying to make a lot of changes inside it to challenge this; Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram WhatsApp the owner of Facebook, had said that how would he create an application to compete with Twitter, then he would compete with it very quickly. For this, he created an application which he named Thread, and he launched the application within 100 countries. It has been done, and on 5th July, it was launched in all 100 countries.

The Thread app made many records as soon as it was launched, and within the first 2 hours of this application, 2000000 downloads and then within the next 4 hours, more than five million applications were downloaded. On top of this, Mark Zuckerberg Has said this is just the beginning and how it will compete with Twitter. After this, in this world of Twitter, no hotel will be seen continuously coming from the bottom, while the thread application will go up quickly. The tension between Mark Zuckerberg and Oral Mast for the last few days has increased significantly, becoming a fight.

You can log in to the Thread application through Instagram.

This application has been connected through Instagram; if you run an Instagram account, then you can log in to it through Instagram, and if you can create your new account within it, then that too is facilitated inside it. Like Twitter, the text is written in this, and your thoughts are expressed, and other people give their opinion on this; under this, this application has been started, and now the thing to be seen will be how the challenge of making Have taken it on their own, how correct they prove to be in this and to whom they reach, it cannot be guessed yet. However, the beginning of this application has been very smoky.

After the launch of the application, the way they are showing themselves is that they have made many changes in the beginning; you can upload a video of up to 5 minutes on it, and the time required to upload this video on Twitter. Does that take up to 2 hours? In the last few days, I have increased Anand’s. Elon Musk also told many things about this. Other people only, And only 1-hour video is allowed to be uploaded, but Mark Zuckerberg has not given anything like this inside his application.

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