A car made by Nitin Gadkari will be launched today.

The Indian Transport Minister is constantly trying that the way the prices of petrol notation are going up very much, so he is trying that in some way or the other, electric cars have also come away inside India but Due to this, the way the cost is not going to stop here in India, after this, Nitin Gadkari had announced a few days back that he would tell the tax made from ethanol very soon and he said this That ethanol is very much cheaper than petrol, even at ₹ 60 per litre, it is readily available. Still, the prices of petrol and diesel remain more than ₹ 100. It is also possible to eliminate it as soon as possible. Efforts are being made continuously, and ethanol will be available in the market. It can be run quickly, and ethanol can also be made available to people in easy instalments.

Nitin Gadkari has put India together in a completely new situation. He has also continuously developed the roads, and his entire efforts have been successful. He is giving the improvement of roads inside the whole India country. It is visible well increased, there is no shortage of roads inside any area, in the field of transport as well and also in the field of transport, he has introduced new- Achieved a new achievement, which never used to happen in the previous regime and within the last nine years, the way Nitin Gadkari has been responsible for India’s transport has also been perfect. Yes, they have destroyed the roads, which were supposed to cost 10,000 crore rupees. They have done the work thoroughly and saved 5,000 crore rupees for the construction of a road.

Tax made from ethanol will be on the market very soon.

The mini car from ethanol will give an excellent average. It will be available quickly in the continuous market, which the commoner can easily buy. Then it can be run entirely with the help of ethanol while putting petrol and diesel inside it. It will also be wholly arranged so that humans do not have problems and Indian citizens bear the brunt of inflation. Nitin Gadkari has started this way and said he will continue this continuously. In the coming time, he will make even more efforts so that it can be minimised and brought down within the prices of ethanol so that the commoner does not have much difficulty buying it.

Ethanol can be very beneficial for nature and does not harm nature in any way. The way petrol and diesel vehicles run entirely, air pollution is very high. This air pollution can also be reduced, and we can easily care for our environment. Our behaviour towards the environment will start much after this if people continuously use ethanol. So India can create a good environment entirely.

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