A smartwatch designed like Apple Watch for only Rs 1499

If we talk about the Apple Watch, its price is above ₹ 30000. Its look is also impressive; its design is very attractive, and people like to buy it, but its budget is high. Due to this, people cannot buy it, so they have to buy smartwatches, cheap or small brands. Still, now there is a ₹ 20000 smartwatch that costs only ₹ 1499, so hearing this, everyone would definitely like to take it, and Very soon, you will be available online. You will get this online site very soon on Amazon; you can order it there as soon as possible.

This smartwatch is Fire Bolt Ninja Call Pro Plus, and you will get it on Amazon’s site with a huge discount of 90%. This facility is going to be available to you from May 4, but before that, there are some deals due to which it is Now on Amazon to look perfect. People have started ordering it very much there, inside it is going to feel like the whole Apple company and its look is also similar to Apple’s smartwatch, and its price is more than 20,000 rupees. It is being told, but inside the cell, you will have to pay its price of only Rs 1499.

Functions of Ninja Call Pro Plus

Ninja Cole Pro Plus is a very expensive smartwatch of Fire Bolt, whose market price is around 23 thousand or around ₹ 20000, but when you get it for 1499, you must take it and take full advantage of it. It should be decided because the features inside it are very impressive, of 1.83 cm, you are going to get a very good display inside it, which is full LED, it has a full dial like Apple’s Smart Watch, it is also called a square dial inside it. There is also a physical crown, and its battery can be run for six days; if kept on standby, then its battery can run smoothly for 15 days, as well as you can receive calls.

Anyone can be called inside this smartwatch, but it should be connected to a smartphone; only then can it happen; more than 100 sports modes have been given, and the tracking system is given inside it, and your heart rate as well as the stress To check it, a separate mode has been given inside it, in this way this smartwatch is going to be very spectacular, inside it you will find many clock faces, which you can adjust according to your own, inside it. You can also adjust the wallpaper; it is going to be very simple, and customers will like it very much; it will be a good-looking smartwatch.

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