A vast craze was seen even before the release of Adi Purush’s film.

These days Bollywood’s upcoming film Adi Purush is in a lot of headlines, and a few days ago, when Kirti Sanon went to the temple and kissed the film director there, the way it came into the limelight, the film also got a lot of attention. The craze to watch has increased a lot; however, after this act, Kirti Sanon had to be trolled a lot in Bollywood, and the way Deepika Chikhaliya played Sita Mata, also criticised Kriti Sanon for this act. A very high percentage have come and have said that Kirti has insulted the Hindu religion, and in this way, she cannot do this and should have taken care of Sita Mata’s image.

After this, other Bollywood stars also trolled Kirti continuously and said that it is very wrong that he kisses like this when he goes to any temple, and if any director kisses him, then it is a terrible thing. People should understand that the whole world is watching him, so he should not do this activity in the temple or the religious place. It has a terrible effect on people, and in the coming times, people can be seen doing this because People are seen copying the actor and actress. After this, Kirti Sanon appeared, apologising, and said she was not ready, but the film director tried to kiss her.

Prabhas will be seen opposite Kirti Sanon in Adi Purush.

Prabhas will be seen with Keerti in the Adi Purush film, Prabhas is the actor in Bahubali film, and his popularity is very high; people like to watch his movies very much, that’s why Prabhas shows the way of acting in his films. Yes, she is worth watching, and this can be gauged from the fact that Adi Purush had already collected 1 point 62 crores before its release because, on the first day when its booking started, about 36000 people booked it’s tickets.

Kirti Prabhas both have a lot of expectations from this film because the budget of this film is around 500 crores, and this film has already earned 485 crores so far because of some broadcasters from sponsors, and there is the revenue of theatres. It has come to him, due to which he has earned almost part of the money he had spent for the budget of this film, now the earnings from this film will be only and only profit, and Prabhas has spent 100 crores for this film. At the same time, Kirti Sanon has taken ₹ 30000000 for this film, while Saif Ali Khan, who is playing the role of Ravana, has taken ₹ 120000000 for this film.

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