America is spying on China

Recently, a report has come out, and during its report, it will be known that the US country is constantly spying on China, and it has done this spying through the CIA and CIA, which is one of the major organisations which has many It is seen to be spying. America has also taken its support. The relations between America and China have started to look very bad. Many American companies which were earlier present in China have wholly removed their business from there, although they have never refused to establish their dominance there or here. How do you see the business with a lot of business he is running inside his country? There are also many possibilities; he constantly has all the products he promotes worldwide. They are also seen selling inside the world.

The relationship between China and America is terrible, a big issue of a fight between the two countries has come to the fore, and the possibility of a world war due to this thing also increases a lot because on one side where There is a war between Russia and Ukraine, it is going on, it is not even taking the name of stopping. In contrast, the battle between Poland and China can also come to the fore, not because of the differences that are going on between all the countries. World war is very near, and many countries are joining themselves to help each other during this war.

China said it would not be good if America is found doing this again.

The Chinese clarified that if America does this repeatedly, then it will not send any such work. It can be seen taking strict action against them. However, China is also saying that He has been seen doing a lot of espionage by America, and America has done many wrong things for his country. Still, he has been ignoring them till now, but if he continues to do such espionage by the CIA, it is not for him. He is correct and raises this issue within himself as soon as possible to take strong action against America.

America is considered one of the most powerful countries, and the identity of America is increasing day by day very quickly because America not only considers itself a powerful country, but it is also so that people know about it. Is that if someone agrees with America, it gives him a perfect effect? At the same time, no one is ready to have a good relationship with China because China is continuously promoting terrorism with Pakistan. He is very much wrong, and in the matter of terrorism, if China had come in this way, then no country would go with it. The condition of Pakistan today may be of China in future.

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