Ashish Vidyarti clarified after getting married for the second time.

Ashish Vidyarthi, a very old and famous artist of Bollywood, has also played the role of Villain in many films. While playing Villain in films, he was also seen in a very good role, and this is his first film for the last several days. After the relationship with his wife deteriorated, he appeared to be moving away. His age is 65 years at this time, but after a bad relationship with his first wife, he has given himself a chance to live again by marrying for the second time, and for the last three days, he has criticized Bollywood continuously. They even said that in this way, it is not right for any person to do with any Bollywood actress, but Ashish Ji is satisfied with it.

In this way, this decision of Ashish Vidyarthi is being said to be very wrong inside Bollywood. Still, Ashish Vidyarthi clarified this and said that he had decided only after his relationship with his first wife deteriorated. And now he doesn’t want to come in any such Bollywood, and he doesn’t want to present any clarification in any way. However, he wants to say that no Bollywood actor should make such comments about anyone’s personal life in this way because there has been a lot of criticism within Bollywood.

Ashish Vidyarti did second marriage at the age of 65

Ashish Vidyarthi comes in Bollywood’s famous actors who have become very old at this time, and all the actors like him have removed all their work from Bollywood. They are not seen in Bollywood in any way, but Ashish Vidyarthi is like this. Doing work again, he is continuously active inside the serial and has also worked in many serials. Now he has become very much discussed after getting married for the second time. He is married to a young woman and professes his love for her. At the same time, people have also commented a lot on this kind of love and how people can fall in love with each other.

Giving his clarification on this, Ashish Vidyarthi has also said that he loves her very much, and for some time now, they have started getting to know each other very much, so they have decided to get married. Both those families also do not have any objection to this. That’s why Bollywood should also handle this thing completely and believe that their marriage is correct and they should not be accused of any kind now.

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