Ashok Gehlot gave a big statement about the Congress Party.

The by-elections in Rajasthan have come very close. By no means does any party here want to change itself. In any way, no one wants to do government with the leaders. Any leader is entirely here for them. Prepare a rally during the elections. When the new polls are being done here in any manner, the deficiencies there are also observed continuously throughout the night of Puri. After this, the government has yet to make any announcement here. That’s why the government tries to make people remember their old deeds and want to buy their votes continuously. Even within India, elections will be held simultaneously in different states. How the Election Commission has gone entirely wrong, the Election Commission has always done everything. Duty has been imposed here.

The Election Commission recently said that the governments should not take full responsibility for conducting these elections entirely, where the JCB party’s government takes the responsibility of campaigning completely, and if in the coming elections, any incident happens, the party here will be held entirely responsible for which strict action can be taken against them. The Election Commission makes many efforts to get the elections right in India. The service stressed that no mistake of any kind should be seen during the elections because if any person of this kind were seen here, then orders would have been given to take full action against the leaders. Is

Leaders will have to follow the code of conduct.

There will be no continuous elections; this is the appeal that the leaders must follow the code of conduct completely. If any leader does not follow the code of conduct, orders will be given to take strict action against him. You have to understand quickly that the sooner you accept the same thing, if no one agrees with this, then some Election Commission, any party, will take action against them. Here, we have fully prepared you for the work. Any party, any party, will prepare itself here. But if someone qualifies for a career, it will be possible for him to overcome all the problems in the coming time, and even more quickly, he will get a chance to overcome the old ones. If people accept this very quickly, then it will be essential for them to.

It will be essential for the people to accept that as much as Mahatma Gandhi is handling the elections as well as he can, they will also be dependent on the polls, so it will be essential for them to vote entirely if they want to. They will not vote, and the country will be given after taking action against him. Everyone must vote entirely. He will vote for any party. It does not depend on anything, but voting is the right of everyone. It is necessary to vote entirely and as much as possible. More people will go to the field. People will have to prepare very quickly because the more they vote, the more it will be for the country’s good. Due to this, the country’s condition will also be seen to improve. The more one focuses on what is characteristic of what is ahead, the more one will have to pay full attention to them and will have to pay full attention to the things to come very quickly.

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