Atrocities against Hindus in America

There have been continuous atrocities against Hindus in America and many attacks on Hindus not only in America but also inside the continent like Australia, where many people have lost their lives, but this has not been disclosed. Finally found out why this kind of incident is happening inside these countries. In contrast, Canada is such a country which has said that Hindus are safe there, and if anything happens to Hindus, it is because of them. The responsibility is wholly taken on our country, so it is safe for the Hindu population to reside there, and this public can reside there. Still, if Hindus are not safe even inside a powerful country like America, then it is very shameful for America. It is a matter, and America should have many problems with this and take immediate action so that this type of incident does not happen inside their country.

There were many such incidents in America in the past in which only and only Hindus lost their lives. Hindu people have been shot many times there, continuously within the last two years, the way shooting is happening in America. There are attacks on Hindus even by ordinary children, and in this way, the police force and security agency have to be fully alert as to how they can ultimately reduce it there. If he does not make changes, then the relationship between India and America can be significantly affected in the coming times.

Within the last year, up to 40% of the tweets in America were against Hindus.

The hatred towards Hindus inside America is shown by almost 40% of the tweets there are against Hindus. There is no one in favour of Hindus, the way Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited America. The atmosphere there seemed to be in line with India, but through social media, it has come to know that it was not true. And if any country wants to show this kind of relationship, then India will never be ready for the country, and India will always stand against it.

The hope of good relations between India and America was continuously increasing, but if such acts happen, this hope will entirely fall, and there can be a lot of danger to the relations between India and America. It is more that after all the work should be done continuously, there should be no discrimination between the two countries regarding Hindu Christians. If both countries stay together, then it will be good for them too, but the effect of Indian culture in America. It is increasing continuously, but the common people are not ready to accept this. They always commit atrocities against the Indian people or the Hindus, exploiting them and being seen there.

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