Biggest strike in Hollywood in 60 years

At this time, Hollywood is entirely on strike. Because of this, those who came inside America have become very fragile because the population of strikers and protesters has continuously increased. It is giving, and due to this, the two pleas there have also always come into action and the army forces there are also trying very hard to control them that this demonstration which is taking place is not a form of violence. Do not take the form of violence so that no violent incident occurs inside America because violent incidents have been seen continuously in America for the last few days. Many people have died.

This strike is going on continuously against the directors of Hollywood inside America, and the main objective of this strike and whatever the writers and actors have is that their salary is very low. He is made to work a lot on salary, which is why he is constantly in such an action that his salary is being reduced continuously, and if his salary is increased, he will not work inside Bollywood. Upcoming films will be very popular in Hollywood. May face difficulties

117000 actors and writers came out in protest

In Los Angeles, USA, there were about 117002 riders and a travel demonstration. Their main objective was that if they were not promoted inside their salary, they would strike continuously and continuously against Hollywood. They will be seen performing like this because, for the last few days, they have continually demanded that their salary be increased and if their salary is constantly reduced. They will be in a lot of trouble, and if this kind of act continues, it won’t be easy. The incidents that have been seen inside America since the last days can be seen again, and if America has to rise above the violent incidents, then their demonstrations will have to end.

This incident has happened inside Hollywood for the first time in 60 years, so the whole of Bollywood will be silent in shock because if this kind of performance continues, then they will have to take some challenging steps on it either Hollywood’s director is the producer, he should accept that the salary of the actors and writers should be increased so that right row also says that they are harassed a lot because they are made to do a lot of work for little money. He will not do this kind of work, so he wants his salary to increase. Only then can he see working in Hollywood again.

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