Bollywood stars praise Mann Ki Baat Program

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the Mann Ki Baat program run by Mr. Narendra Modi, and many Bollywood stars have also discussed this program. They also said that we consider ourselves proud that the Prime Minister of our country is Mr.Narendra Modi because it is tough to get this type of Prime Minister, and we are very lucky that we have this type of leader. Rohit Shetty and Madhuri Dixit also discussed and praised this program a lot.

This can be the most watched program in India because we want this type of program to happen continuously in our country, but due to the lack of this type of program somewhere, we still need to catch up to other countries. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has run this program, whose 100 episodes have also been telecasted. After watching this telecast, everyone discussed it and praised Narendra Modi and Bollywood stars. Those people who are unaware of this program, which no one knows in the world, are getting huge recognition.

Big chance to make a name for small people

This is the most significant opportunity for the people of the lower community to make their name because in this program, many people from the lower class community are working, and it is a big deal for them that they can work in the program run by the Prime Minister of the country. Why is he getting to do it? Then it is a big deal for him, and he is very fortunate that he is getting to do this type of work, and this will create a lot of discussions for him, and he will also get a different identity of his own. If the world knows him, then it is perfect for those people at the same time; Shahid Kapoor said that the person who connects people is not a human but a deity, and he said this about Mr. Narendra Modi because Narendra Modi runs Every Indian is connecting with himself or with his family, his community, his village or his country through the ongoing program.

It is a vast thing that if a person keeps the whole country united, then that person is called a great person and due to this program, Narendra Modi has been discussed a lot, and, continue this program remains in the discussion as well as Rohit Shetty. He appreciated it a lot, and while praising this program, he also praised Narendra Modi. He said that only some countries have such a Prime Minister as India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes it is necessary to run this program. Their aim is that one day this program will become a big revolution, and they believe that if this program continues continuously, it will not only become a big revolution one day, it will make India a different country.d

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