Bollywood’s famous dancer Nora Fatehi said she does not want to limit herself to being a dancer.

At this time, if we talk about the most famous dancer in Bollywood, then Nora Fatehi’s name will come first because how Nora Fatehi has made a different identity within the last few years is vast. It is a thing, and she has performed outstandingly in Bollywood. Her films in which she is seen dancing are very blockbusters in the film, and there is a different demand for those films at the box office. People especially like to watch Nora Fatehi’s movies to watch her dance.

Nora Fatehi is one of those Bollywood dancers who have a distinct identity of their own. All Bollywood directors and producers want to see her dancing in some or other song in their films because the whole world is wild about her dance, and people are constantly watching her. Want to see their dance? In today’s time, every Bollywood film has a song which has an item song inside it, and that item song is now all Nora Fatehi se karwa chahte hain Nora Fatehi ne kuch kuch hai Told that he has also increased his fish for item songs.

Nora Fatehi said that she now wants to enter the acting world as well and do a lead role in some film or the other.

When Nora Fatehi came face to face with the media on Friday, she said that she does not want to limit herself only to dance; she wants to go beyond the world of dance and also wants to do a lead role in one of her films because Bollywood No, now they see her only from the point of view of dance, when people take her inside Bollywood, then she is taken just as a dancer. Further, she is not considered in any way, although Nora Fatehi is a great actress. She is also there, and she wants to step into the acting world, and she said that she wants to do a role in some other film in which she can show her best performance.

Nora Fatehi’s acting is excellent, but she has yet to get work in any film, although when she does a movie, her role is tiny, and she is not satisfied with it. Further said that she also wants to direct the film and work further in the direction of the movie, but before that, she wants to do a lot of acting in the films of Bollywood supports that.

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