Cardalonia Runs Token Sale on P2PB2B

The tokens may be purchased till September 5, along side becoming a member of the assignment’s community. The token sale might be followed by using a listing on the P2PB2B change. Meanwhile, here’s a brief description of the challenge.

Cardalonia: What is it?
It’s a play-to-earn metaverse made by way of creators for creators. The concept in the back of Cardalonia is to create a play-to-earn metaverse this is smooth and cheap to play. Through blockchain-primarily based transactions, player NFT possession can be validated for content admission, and so forth., the Cardano blockchain streamlines the whole thing. Eventually, there’ll be frictionless blockchain integration, move-chain abilities, and decentralized infrastructure.

You can choose a extended family, create digital property as NFTs, and install them on your Cardalonia land, that you need to buy thru airdrop or pre-sale. For Cardalonia to work, customers need to create an avatar and be a part of a clan. In Cardalonia, $LONIA is the crucial utility token that permits crypto & non-crypto enthusiasts to shop for land and join clans.What makes it unique?
$LONIA is Cardalonia’s ingame foreign money. It runs on Cardano and creates an entire Cardalonian atmosphere of video games and experiences.

It’s different from maximum other Cardano tokens. Token utility has been taken into consideration and decided from the onset, along with Cardano’s low costs transactions and regular transfer instances of much less than 5 seconds.

There’s plenty to like about $LONIA, since it has a ton of key mechanics that would make it a middle element of the Cardalonia environment:

Access to the Cardalonia platform. For land, avatars, and in-recreation belongings, you may need to spend $LONIA;
Governing through balloting. The Cardalonia market costs, functions to be introduced or removed may be voted on with the aid of $LONIA holders or delegated to different gamers;
Staking. By staking $LONIA, you may earn 25% APR and passive rewards;
Cardalonia ORB. Power up & customize your avatar with Cardalonia Orbs.Think approximately it like a Kickstarter for blockchain, besides the concierge is also handling the alternative business offerings a platform desires. For Fundrs, structures can follow for funding via displaying their plans and laying out options for investors. Those members who’re staked into the platform can take a look at these funding possibilities and take part in the event that they’d like. To ensure the chosen tasks are progressing as promised, the milestone funding system ensures that there may be a strong duty element to the mission, protective buyers and motivating the mission team. This additionally helps with community cognizance, as the numerous traders emerge as vocal advocates for the venture, encouraging others to make investments so the challenge may be a hit and their go back may be profitable.The entrepreneurial spirit will constantly be a core part of our society.

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