Chunky Pandey stated the relationship between Ananya and Aditya Roy Kapur.

The news of the relationship between Ananya Pandey and Aditya Roy Kapur was growing very fast at the time; both of them had recently returned to India after completing their trip, after which both were spotted at the Mumbai airport. They were seen at different places, although they came together from there. Still, when leaving the airport, both took different routes and left in other cars, after which the media caught sight of them and tried to ask continuously, but both broke up the relationship. They have refused and do not want to bring this thing to the fore, although no specific reason is coming to the fore.

If this fruit continues, he said such measures would be very common for actors and actresses. It will affect their Above should not have any effect because his film career is most important for him, and he has to be more serious about films and not about this acting world and how he wants to live in his real life. They can live with it, they have also been given complete freedom, and they should not pay attention to these types of phones at all, and going beyond these eyes, they will pay maximum attention to their career. It will be better for them where they can get it. Yes, she keeps on going on and on, but tries to maintain the relationship that is there.

Ananya Pandey has been seen many times with Aditya Roy Kapur

Aditya Roy Kapur and Ananya Pandey may be refusing to kill this relationship. Still, they have been seen together many times, they have been seen together many times during work, and they are going to many places together. They are also seen together, so according to the media, they are dating each other, and due to this, both of them went to visit Europe where they could give time to each other, which they were trying their best. Their career is going on top, and he is pleased with how his films are becoming super hits at the box office one after the other, and he says that he is trying to focus a lot on his Bollywood career. She has been trying to improve her acting too much, but now she has refused to speak anything about Aditya Roy Kapur.

Ananya Pandey’s father, Chunky Pandey, said that many names are linked with her, and she can’t get into a relationship with everyone; the way rumours are going to remain the same, and Ananya Pandey looks excellent with every actor. After this, people liked their chemistry very much, and due to this, the news spread in the media that Ana Pandey had a relationship with every actor, but it never happened; it is significantly less than we Were attached to feeling or our relationship which came out in the open.

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