Cocaine obtained from the borders

It is important to note that the border security forces have always been trying to maintain the security across the borders to the maximum possible extent and despite teaching the best type of measures it is becoming impossible for the people to develop a solution over the period of time. It is important to understand that the border security force is usually deployed across the borders of Rajasthan and Punjab and are not only responsible for protecting the people from any kind of attacks from the enemy but also at the same point of time that try to watch the movement of contraband substances across the borders.

This particular force has been in the position has been in the position to increase the level of trust that the people have on these kind of organisations to be greatest possible extent because it is only with the help of this particular development at it will become easy for them to find the solution over the period of time and finally this organization has been able to recover cocaine and heroin both rupees 5000 crores. It is only with the help of these possibilities that people want to provide better opportunities and every possible method of development to these organisations so that it is feasible for them to wake up from every kind of threat so much possible

This particular Contraband item was being transported from Pakistan to India and the objective behind the organisation supplying these particular drugs to the country was simply to complicate the matters for the Indian territory and also provide different kind of opportunities for further development so that a diction level increases in India and the youth is not in the position to perform well. Not only this but additional drugs have been discovered and the valuation is more than 55 crore in Rajasthan. The plan was to increase the supply of these drugs in local schools in colleges so that we use becomes addicted to them and it is not possible to for the people to concentrate on anything and in such a kind of situation it is very essential to take every possible kind of step that will have its own benefit over the period of time. This particular agency has been able to work to the best of its capacity in the times to come because until unless the port is not a provided it will not be feasible for the country to make a difference and that is why India is providing bitter resources to the organization so that it is possible for them to take every possible measure to control them so that the spread of transferated in the country.

But has to be noted at this point of time is basically the fact that the level of progress in the country is beyond comprehension and it has to be taken for of as soon as possible before it is too late because antonymless it is not reported then it will not be possible to draw a proper line of action in the times to come because the protection of the people is always with these kind of officials and giving these official the power to seize is very important for the protection of the people.

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