Dara Singh gave up mutton chicken for the role of Hanuman.

Dara Singh is a massive wrestler, actor, politician, and director; all these names are associated with Dara Singh. Dara Singh holds an enormous name in Indian Bollywood or Indian wrestling; he was the first wrestler in India and wrestled. By defeating about 500 wrestlers, he had set a massive record in his name, and to defeat 500 wrestlers, he would never give up. To date, many days are coming and left wrestling, and this record of his is till date. I have been able to leave this record to date, and no one will be able to break it in the future.

Dara Singh was born into a Punjabi family. At that time, he had no idea that he would become a vast and great actor, but whenever he grew slowly and compared to other children, his weight looked very high, it also meant that there was a lot in his diet and he sat a little too much in eating food. When he used to eat food continuously, then the diet of such a country was very high. Still, people like this. He did not regret the matter at all when he got married at the age of 14. After that, at 17, he was also the first time; after that, he started working inside a factory to run the family home, where But was seen working in a plastic drum factory.

The actress was too shy to work.

When Dara Singh started getting work in films, he ultimately left the movie, and he said that he would not be seen working in any film, but after many days when he was asked to perform again in the movie. When asked for it, he agreed to work and started getting minor roles. When he got his first role, he was seen working as a stuntman in that film, but gradually his acting in The World became a fan. He weighed 127 kilos, and his height was 6 feet 2 inches, which meant that his body was weighty, and people liked him more when he got the lead role for the first time than in that film. He said yes, but no actress was ready to work with him because the actress looked tiny in front of him.

But the most significant turning point came in life when Tara Sicke was given the role of Hanuman for Ramayana, and for that role, Dara Singh completely changed himself. He also stopped eating meat and mutton. And for cashew almonds, he used to keep two people on top of the set, who used to run cashew almonds to him continuously, and he started taking care of his health completely. Ramanand Sagar had also said that a better option than Tara Singh was to lift the Sanjivani mountain. He didn’t have any, and he had a lot of talks with Dara Singh about this. Dhara Singh was keen to do this film, and she initially agreed that he would play Hanuman.

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