Deepika said that Kriti Sanon should have understood the role of Sita.

Kriti Sanon is currently embroiled in a huge controversy, and when she visited a temple, she was seen hugging and kissing the director of Adi Purush, and after that, the roles were done. She has been seen for a long time, but after talking about this, the whole Bollywood world has started trolling her, and the entire Bollywood world has said that Kirti Sanon’s act in this way is terrible and the image of Sita Mata is terrible for her.

It was yesterday when Kirti Sanon reached a temple to promote her film Adi Purush, and when she reached the temple, the film director kissed her as soon as she came there, and after kissing, she was seen hugging him. Controversy has started inside Bollywood since then, and people repeatedly say that what Kirti Sanon has done is very bad, and she tried to tarnish the image of Sita Mata. Yes, they should not have done it; however, when Sita Mata can be one, then in this way, she cannot do wrong work or take any wrong step for the promotion of that film, and Kriti Sanon will have to apologize to the whole public and Sita Mata.

Deepika Chikhaliya, who played Sita Mata in Ramayana, said that for today’s actors, Ramayana is just a film.

Deepika Chikhaliya further said that for the film actors in today’s era, Ramayana is just a fort, but in our era, it was not just a film, but it was an emotion for us, and this kind of thing should be understood by the actors of today. What Kirti Sanon has done is very shameful, and it has hurt the whole public because Sita Mata’s role was simple and perfect, and Sita Mata was a holy woman. And he tried to play that role to the fullest; however, he still said that he apologized for our mistake, but what Kirti Sena did was very wrong and bad, and it is wrong in society.

Deepika Chikhaliya further said that there was no permission to kiss on our side, let alone hug, because of the way Ramayana was shot; complete purity was taken care of during the shooting of Ramayana where Sita Mata’s The role has been described as very pious; he has continued the same piousness, and Deepika Chikhaliya did not add any kissing scene, nor was he seen hugging, even when there was a scene of hugging, he too A little bit was cut and shown, even that scene was not shown completely, in this way, Kriti Sanon seems to be proving the image of Ramayana completely wrong.

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