Dotasara said shamelessly that Rahul’s house was vacated.

Rajasthan’s cabinet minister Dotasara has recently stated that RSS and BJP have not done well with Rahul Gandhi and eviction of his house is shameless. When the case was filed, the Government of India only sent him a notice to vacate the government bungalow, after which Rahul Gandhi started preparations to vacate it from the second day.

Rahul Gandhi also said that he respects the government’s and government’s decisions and vacated this bungalow respecting the government’s decision because the Supreme Court has given Rahul Gandhi 2 years of imprisonment. One year imprisonment was announced, after which he is now on bail continuously, but if any MP is jailed, then he has no right to stay in the government bungalow, for this the RSS and BJP had said that he should be sent there as soon as possible. Although after a few days, he left from there and started living at his mother’s house, after a defamation case was filed against him, a lot of voices started being raised against him, and now the Dotasara of Rajasthan politics has given this statement that the r.s.s. Very shameless. He is the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He is very shameless.

Dotasara said that RSS did very wrong; they should not have done all this.

They have made Rahul Gandhi vacate the house; this is terrible. Dotasara said that for whom Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather and parents gave their lives for the country, you did not even think you did not allow them to live in Delhi. He got his house vacated from Dotasara, inside Jaipur. He was holding a meeting at a relief camp, where he said all these things and the Rajasthan government had started a relief work, in which one leader after another has done his cleaning. Apart from being the state president, he is also a good English leader.

Constantly he has been seen targeting BJP on behalf of Congress. He said that he considered RSS very good but r.s.s. This act could be better, and getting Rahul Gandhi’s bungalow vacated from their r.s. It was a terrible act, but Dotasara also said that no force could stop the formation of the Congress government in Rajasthan and the Congress government would be formed again in Rajasthan; on this, he gave a long speech and for a long time. He cautioned the public to vote for Congress and gave much information about relief camps.

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