Elections in Bengal turn violent

The elections in the state of Bengal have already started but this is definitely not happening at a good note because a lot of people will have to suffering a lot due to be selections in the first place because these elections have been 8 after conducting commute amount of touffle between the different types of political parties at the state of Bengal is definitely known for all of its diagonal cities which are not at all acceptable to the people in the long soil and that is why people in the fighting during the elections and this has definitely aggravated to a great extent.

This level of violence definition out of people who belong to a metropolitan city but this is something people can’t get done away with in the long run and this time the level of all of this has increased to such a great extent that cannot be controlled now at all. It is not at all safe for the people to get hold of any situation for the time being because they never expected such kind of situation over the period of time but it is important to understand that the level of growth has to be amazing and people will have to get proper information.

It becomes important to understand that to day the violence occurred mainly due to some Anti Social elements that for present in the election booth and they did not want be election to take place properly because they wanted to get their own parties get a proper amount of with you over the period of time but this was not possible because India is the democratic country and something has to be done for protecting people in the long and it is only with the help of this features that some kind of latest protection plans can be deviced. The Supreme Court of India had already ordered for providing such kind of security in the state of West Bengal during the time of elections of the panchayat because this Political situation was expected out of the people there but the scale up to which it would happen was completely beyond expectation and it has been able to disturb It is important to understand that such kind of changes have got its own need a question and they have to be handed with proper amount of care so that they get a proper idea of making things happen over the period of time.

The number of security forces in the city have be multiplied in order to control the situation but it will be difficult to understand if anything of this kind can be done with the period of time because it is only with the help of all of these features that solution can be generated in the terms and .

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