Feeding pigeons at home can be dangerous, also harmful to health.

Since old times, the practice of feeding pigeons has been going on, and we see that people are often seen feeding pigeons inside their balconies, inside the window or on the roof of the house, and sometimes in temples or other places. In such a place with a lot of open space, pigeons have often been seen feeding, even at the Gate of India in Mumbai. So many pigeons gather at one place that people have to watch there. Crowds gather because there are so many pigeons eating together. It looks very adorable, so people never want to let this craving disappear.

They want to enjoy this craving to the fullest. Now, let’s talk about if we feed pigeons, then at that time, we have to take care of many facilities and many precautions. Keep your distance from those who are bitten and do not come in contact with them because by coming in contact with their wings, the anti-joints inside their wings go directly inside our lungs, and they slowly destroy our lungs. And gradually, they start damaging them, then our shortness of breath increases, and due to the increase in shortness of breath, no such thing settles inside us, which is beneficial for us to breathe, and we start having loss of breath.

Due to the feeding of pigeons, there was a problem in the woman’s lungs.

It is told about a woman who used to live in a very good way and her children used to study outside, so she used to live alone at home, she used to feed pigeons daily inside her balcony and feed them a lot. She used to love and was often seen playing with pigeons, but after five-seven years, she gradually started having much difficulty breathing. Then she started having more difficulty breathing even while sitting. When you showed it to the doctor, the doctor said that some such thing had gone inside his lungs.

Because of this, his lungs started getting damaged from the inside, and he suffered a lot of damage to his lungs, due to which he had a lot of difficulty breathing when he came to know that pigeons caused this problem, he was very much shocked to know that. There was a problem: if their enzymes go in large quantities inside the lungs, they harm us and affect our lungs and people a lot, and even people die. There is a problem even in the transplant of pigeons, so whenever we go to feed the pigeons, we must use the mask, and whenever we release the beets, then after that we give our hands properly so that no one comes from them germs and bacteria do not go inside our lungs.

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