Good competition was seen between Google and the iPhone.

Google’s position in the world of technology seemed immense. They did a lot of work for the technology and tried to showcase it in a suitable category. On technology, He has done a lot of work, and in this, he is seen to be successful excellently. He is seen running most of the software in his world, regarding which Google recently announced its new smartphones. He had also launched it. He had said that his smartphone would be seen spreading very much around the world. The price of his smartphone was also kept very simple, regarding which even middle-class people would have no problem. You will not have to wait long and can easily buy a smartphone and efficiently use the new functions built into the smartphone, and these functions will be perfect for them.

Google has maintained its identity very well and has done a lot of work regarding its identity. It has also made full efforts to make itself known for its good identity. He has also benefited from doing 2 minutes; his identity has always been that he radiates his passion for his work. His behavior towards his work is also better than his scholarship and personal conduct. For this, it is very well known in Lanka. A huge competition is being seen between Google and iPhone, which has been going on for a long time. In what way is the competition going on between the two? Who will be proven right in the future?

Google criticized the iPhone 15 Pro smartphone.

The differences that are easily visible between the iPhone and Google are happening very rapidly between the two. It is observable that such incidents are happening continuously between the two. Both are excellent companies in the world of smartphones. the iPhone has been launching smartphones for a long time, but Google recently launched its new smartphone, which is becoming more famous by the name of Google Pixel. Those who talk about its purchases are also seen happening at a breakneck pace, so Google continuously depends a lot on its things, which are very useful for its users. He is seen working more than necessary for too many things, which is why Google constantly tortures him. That is also visible. I take a lot of action against companies like Google and have always stood against them differently.

The iPhone was constantly seen in a very different way regarding its technology. He had talked about many things within his technology and continuously wrote the same thing while moving forward, that he would keep things the same promptly. He will be seen rolling a rolling pin, not just inside but also working on technology. The controversy he has with Google is apparent from the group; Google is preparing an entirely new thing. The Google Pixel is a perfect smartphone for the camera, but still, comparing the smartphone of iPhone with them does not suit them.

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