Government of Delhi to follow ways to bring a difference in the price of tomatoes

The Government of Delhi has issued a latest notification according to which it will be devicing different types of strategies to control the price of tomatoes which has already crossed all the limits in the recent years due to the excessive amount of rainfall being received in the Northern part of country which is definitely much more than what is generally expected out of this particular weather.

In such a kind of situation it has completely become impossible for the people to get an idea about how to bring a better level of development over the period of time but this particular level of existence has to meet its own possibilities over the period of time. The government has decided to keep a record of all the shopkeepers who have already stop the tomatoes and take up this supply in the market as soon as possible so that it becomes for all the people and according to the principal of the economics once the supply of tomatoes increase beyond a given point of time automatically the prices fall down . But this is particularly a strategy that will be adopted in the state of New Delhi only and it is not confirmed for the time being whether the states of Punjab and Haryana will also follow similar steps in order to control the price of tomatoes which has already crossed all the boundaries in a very short span of time.

In such a kind of situation it becomes feasible to understand that this is not the duty of the government to control the Dynamics of the market but given the increasing level of the consumer price index it becomes important to understand that something has to be done about this our soon as possible before it is too late because if things get worse then automatically it will be very hard on the pocket of average human being. It is important to understand that the kind of growth which the people are expected to come across is something which is beyond the comprehension level and something has to be done about it as soon as possible because if something goes out of control it then it will definitely try to change the price of multiple commodities that will have a great impact on the bed basket of average Indian citizen in terms of the total amount of money received by him.

It is important to understand that the kind of reference that has been shown by the people is pretty amazing and the do not know what to do but it is only with the help of these kind of policies made by the government that people can get some kind of help in the time to come and it will be definitely becoming possible for a middle class person in India to sustain a proper life without compromising on the lifestyle. Most of the people need a lot of support for the time being and it is only with the help of collaborative efforts that people can beat for this entire situation to get clear of

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