Heavy rainfalls for mumbai

The Indian Meteorological Department has been in the position to issue a yellow warning for the state of Maharashtra by the end of June because according to the latest sources Mumbai is expected to receive a very high rainfall during this point of time. It is important to note that the Southwest and the north east monsoon have collided in order to increase the quantity of rainfall that these states would be receiving over the time. It is important to note that the probability of rainfall is definitely very high and all the multinational companies and government offices have decided to provide work from home facilities to all the employees so that it is feasible for them to get proper comfort and they do not get stuck in the traffic jams for long hours.

Not only this but also the roads and the transport Ministry of Maharashtra has requested the people to use public transportation as compared to private vehicle in order to prevent blocking on the road. Not only this but also it is advisable to carry all the raincoats and umbrellas because the quantity of the rainfall is likely to be double of what has been received earlier.

It is important to understand that not only the state of Maharashtra but also the states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala will be experiencing heavy rainfall. This warning has been issued for the period of 24 hours because the next 24 hours will be very critical for the country as a whole to witness. This particular update will definitely try to cancel a lot of trains and flights for the safety of the passengers and it might cause inconvenience that is why it is advisable to all the passengers to confirm the booking details as soon as possible before it is too late so that it is feasible for the people to get every kind of update about what they want. It is important to understand that after heavy rainfall in Maharashtra the monsoon will progress towards the northern part of the country and will reach Delhi by the end of first week of July and after that it will be coming from Haryana and Punjab including Uttar Pradesh. This update will also be in the position to help the farmers to arrange for the protection of the crops so that day they are not spoiled due to heavy rainfall.

But some parts of Karnataka and Kerala will be in the position to receive less rainfall which will be around 15% less than what was received earlier. In such a situation it becomes important to note that protection is always in the hands of people and all the people must take into note these considerations before making any decision over the period of time. It is only with the help of these kind of conditions that it will be feasible for the people to make the travel plans before hand so that the last minute cancellation is avoided in every possible situation and no inconvenience is caused.

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