If you want to control diabetes, consume neem leaves daily, and you will get relief.

Today, almost everyone gets to see diabetes or some other disease, which was rare earlier. If we see in a thousand people, only one or two have diabetes or some other disease. Used to go, but today we will see that one out of 10 people has diabetes, the whole reason for this is our food and drink, because our food and drink has become such that now a lot of sugar, etc. has started coming, due to which if we If you do not take care of your health, then you will fall in the grip of such diseases.

The risk of diabetes is high in the youth because their immune system starts to build up a bit; if, at the same time, they get sick, then their body is not able to gather the ability to fight it. There are about 43 crore patients with diabetes all over the world. This in itself is a huge number. The report of the World Health Organization states that in India, there are eight crore diabetes patients among boys and girls above the age of 18 years, which is the next level of diabetes, and this level is a bit dangerous if you take Ashwagandha leaves too.

Curry leaves and fenugreek leaves will also be effective in diabetes instead of neem leaves.

If you also have type two diabetes, then Ashwagandha is a panacea. Ashwagandha accelerates insulin hormone and helps in balancing diabetes as well as works on insulin sensitivity in your muscle cells which proves to be very beneficial for diabetic patients. The same curry leaves, fenugreek leaves, and neem leaves can be called such herbs, proving to be a panacea for diabetes.

Neem leaves are bitter to eat, but they are like nectar for people with diabetes because if they consume neem leaves regularly, they will get help controlling diabetes, and neem leaves help reduce blood pressure. Suppose a person does not have diabetes and consumes neem leaves regularly. He can never get diabetes because insulin and sugar are balanced inside your body, and if you eat neem leaves. If you do not want to consume, you can also consume fenugreek leaves. It will also be useful for you.

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