Imran Khan’s government likely to lose connection with America

The most discussed atmosphere in Pakistan now is about Imran Khan and how Imran Khan got the cases registered against him entirely by the army and the police force. It has been termed, and Imran Khan has been sentenced to 3 years; nothing was a big deal for the Prime Minister of Pakistan because the Prime Minister of Pakistan is constantly falling into corruption like this. The position that the Prime Minister of Pakistan holds always comes out corrupt. The one who stays in this position continuously takes advantage of this position, and he falls on the ordinary people. The familiar people are troubled, but no one knows about this. Pakistan always seems to say it doesn’t have enough money and wins elections by making false promises to the general public.

When Imran Khan’s government fell inside Pakistan, its connection was fully expressed with America, and Pakistan said that it was not America who helped topple Imran Khan’s government inside Pakistan. In this way, America’s step was very wrong for Pakistan. After the fall of Imran Khan’s government, how is the scam of 50 crore rupees on Imran Khan going on too big and she took the money of the general public, thinking it as her own money. His biggest mistake was, and even today, Imran Khan is not ready to accept this; he has cheated the people of Pakistan a lot.

The President of America was seen as angry about Imran Khan’s visit to Russia.

When Imran Khan reached Russia while holding the post of Prime Minister, the President of America was very angry over his decision. The President of America said that he was not taking information from the fact that the Prime Minister of Pakistan asked Where are they going and where are they not going, and they didn’t want to read inside any such matter. They are not playing any mess with the people of Pakistan or the Pakistan government. He was pleased and said that the people of Pakistan did not want Imran Khan ever to become their Prime Minister. Still, by making false promises, the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan was taken there, and later on, The general public had to bear the consequences.

The general public has been continuously seen as very disturbed there, the general public had protested many demonstrations there, but no one found any result there. On this, Imran Khan was ultimately jailed. When this happened, the people there seemed a little happy, but they were also sad that the next Prime Minister would also be like this because the development of Pakistan can never happen; the development of Pakistan will not work until Terrorism inside Pakistan does not end ultimately, Pakistan’s economy will not be correct, and its rightness depends on the whole terrorism of the head.

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