India can get massive benefits by organising meetings of G20 countries.

He has made this record in his name entirely, due to which the stir within India will also be very intense. A Congress party will support it. A considerable issue is being made about how the Bharatiya Janata Party has caused such a massive loss to India.The politics within India are heating up regarding such matters. Still, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of India will be very proud to see the impact this meeting will have on India’s economy. The Indian Prime Minister will be pleased about Narendra Modi presiding over the action. In this way, the Congress Party should not say that it will leave the Bharatiya Janata Party Congress Party at all, and if it moves together with the country, then it will be good together.

The Congress party constantly tries to keep some front open against Narendra Modi here in some way, but such wrong things should not be done, although the meeting of G-20 countries was held inside India. This will benefit the Indian Government a lot. The Indian people will also help a lot from it, the way the Indian Railways economy has become one of the best economies in the world, the way the GDP rate of India has also become excellent. If so, then India will try to maintain this thing. If it keeps this thing, it will be suitable for the leader. In the future, he may also see bad results because people continue abusing him. They use wrong things against India, the way people are seen misbehaving against India. Issues like this were raised entirely in this meeting.

India was kept prominent in this meeting, which lasted for three days.

The meeting of G20 countries was seen going on in India for three days, and the way this meeting is going on is entirely over. The people of all the countries, the Presidents, had reached here, and the Indian Prime Minister welcomed them very well. At that time, everyone praised India very much for the way India is. They congratulated me that everyone looked pleased with this, and everyone said that such a meeting would be an excellent opportunity for them to be held under the chairmanship of India. It feels perfect to go inside India and feel completely good. However, this time, Pakistan was not included in the meeting of G20 countries. Pakistan has been continuously asking about how this meeting was made for them. But India has wholly refused it.

The Indian people are very concerned about their economy and have been continuously trying to ensure that if their economy is improved, they can live here in the best way in the future and help their country. At the same time, all the nations have given them indications of a good agreement with India, while Brazil is also with India and has tried to come forward wholly. And Brazil has said it is ready to make many agreements with India. In the same way, it is also prepared for import and export, the things being produced in large quantities in Brazil, which India very much needs. I will reach here very quickly.

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