India will also provide its facilities to Israel very soon.

He has said that the world has reached another order. The way people used to live earlier and felt has changed a lot in these people. In a way, we are moving forward concerning violent incidents. By committing so many incidents of violence every day, there will be terrible consequences for them. If this continues in the future, people’s feelings will become very wrong. People will be seen fighting with each other, and if the English style continues, we can see even the big countries of the world getting destroyed with our eyes. They never want the nations of the world to get killed or the world to create such an environment which severely harms them. It is visible.

Narendra Modi does not support violence. He always wants to keep this thing as much as possible and create as much peace as possible in the film hall. He always wants to live in a peaceful environment. His only effort is that if the world remains good, there will be good things. If you do good things, then it will be perfect for them. He advises the same thing to the people, and at the same time, he always thinks good for the Indian citizens. He always believes that no citizen can indulge in violence here. If Narayan had not given in to violence, he would have always followed the path of truth, and then there would have been a lot of good things for him; if there had been a fight, he would have suffered a lot of loss, although India-Pakistan war can happen at any time, Narendra Modi will continuously fight against this war. They are retreating because after telling them that India will attack Pakistan, India will win, but India’s position will return a lot.

Many people from India are still stranded in Israel.

Israel Meets Arabs Many people of India have settled here. Narendra Modi will continuously try at this time, to try to evacuate the people from there as soon as possible. He should try to evacuate those people from there; Narendra Modi is also exceptional. We will be ready to bring improvement there very soon. Narendra Modi said it will come very soon, about which people continuously dream. He sees complete fear in the people and is trying to eliminate it soon. In this way, the meeting of people will be packed with Indian people. Indian people will also be seen reaching there, people coming to India entirely from there, which is lovely. He said that the situation there is so scary.

Indian citizens are saying that the condition of the people living there has become very bad, and they would like to evict them by any means; the people expelled from there feel excellent about themselves. After returning to India, he was ultimately happy that he had reached back inside his country. The people who got money from there also felt that Narendra Modi should try to take them out, bring them to his home and make the people completely happy. Narendra Modi constantly said that he cannot take any risk with his people. He will always be seen working for his people and his people. It is essential for him, so any kind of talk about the people is very wrong. He will work against them if their condition worsens in any country.

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