Indian PM heads towards USA

The Indian Prime Minister after attending the G7 Summit in Japan is heading toward the United States of America in order to strengthen the existing relationship between the two States. The United States of America has also decided to form a committee in order to enhance the competition so that India could get NATO plus status. This has been the latest Recommendation of the committee so that India could put up a tough front against the Chinese party. It is important to note that this status is very important for India in order to become a strategic leader in the international community. Different leaders have approved such a suggestion so that the security measures across the Asian continent could be dominated by India instead of China. The close partnership between India and the United States of America will definitely help to counter the aggression across the Indo Pacific region and also provide for better growth opportunities in the country. NATO is a group of 31 members and out of these 31 members there are 29 nations of Europe and two nations of America. There is also a provision of NATO plus that helps to bring third world countries together boosting the Global defence mechanism.

This Global membership will definitely be important in order to facilitate seamless sharing between different countries. It will also boostly Technology over the period of time so that the world is prepared for any emergency. There is definitely no need to amend the existing laws because all the representatives have agreed for the admission of India in the group of NATO Plus. The China committee will also be helpful to negotiate a joint response towards this existing plan that has been developed by the government. All the plans that the United States of America is formulating for the time being will be answered strategically by the Chinese government as a counter move. This particular message will be helpful to the world at large that the inclusion of India in the group is very essential in order to break down the contingency that can come up after China for fighting against the world at large. China has also passed a law according to which the development of multiple sanctions in the economy is important in case Chinese counterparts are attacked.

India and the United States of America have always been known for developing diplomatic relationships over the period of time in order to provide the status of Independence and sovereignty. This is the purpose of resolution passed by the United Nations so that most of the countries do not internationally misuse it. This will bring a major change in the economy and at the same point of time will help to counter the side effects of recession that has moved the entire world. This is one of the most important objective behind all the developments that are taking place and this will definitely bring a huge amount of change

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