Lucknow Super Giants scored highest in the 16th season of IPL, another defeat of Kings XI Punjab.

The Indian Premier League has reached a massive stage every day. There will be a big match; we get to see such a match every day. If we say, we will see a money-for-money match. The next day the Indian Premier League match was played between Lucknow Supergiants and Kings XI Punjab. Lucknow Supergiants, playing first, gave a mountain target of 257 runs to Kings XI Punjab, the highest score of this IPL. Lucknow Supergiants yesterday IPL’s highest score of 263 runs could be broken, but Arshdeep Singh bowled well in the last over, due to which Lucknow Supergiants scored 257 runs, but this target is the biggest target of IPL season 16.

In this match, Lucknow Supergiants bowled with their nine players, and Liam Livingston also bowled very well; Marcus Stoinis got life; he had a catch drop because of that; Marcus Stoinis Added 72 runs in just 40 balls, and the score of Lucknow Supergiants reached 200 runs, which went in the 13th over itself. We also got to see a lot of debate in this match; both Livingston and Ayush Badoni got entangled, and Liam Living Per won the debate because Ayush Badoni wanted to play a reverse sweep on the very second ball of Liam Livingston. Still, Ayush Badoni was caught out at the boundary due to not connecting the ball properly, and Liam Livingston won by Badoni. Scored 42 runs in just 24 balls

The argument between Livingstone and Ayush Badoni

Ayush Badoni was playing very well, but Liam Livingstone took his wicket. Deepak Hooda and Nicklaus Pooran could have been run out in the same ball as the first was thrown at one end in this match. Nicklaus survived fully, but the other Deepak Hooda was thrown from end to Deepak Hooda. Even if Deepak Hooda stayed, both could have been run out on the same ball, and Lucknow Supergiants have scored the biggest score of this season, and there was a lot of momentum in this match. Batting witnessed the Indian Premier League having a high-scoring match every day. Yesterday, Punjab was expected to win this match because Punjab has the kind of batting that Punjab can chase any big target. Still, Punjab’s start was a little, so they went further away before the match.

Shikhar Dhawan threw away his wicket very early, and then after that, Punjab’s wickets kept falling at frequent intervals. All the batters could only score runs continuously from 1 end, so Kings XI Punjab had to face defeat. Lucknow Supergiants won the IPL. I have made my second-highest score, which is the biggest score of this season, and this score will be the biggest. No team will be able to cross this score.

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