Manish Wadhwa said that playing Amrish Puri was not easy for him.

Manish, who gained worldwide fame from the Chanakya television premiere show, has recently been seen as a villain in Gadar 2, which will be released on August 11. He had prepared for this role for a long time. He released it continuously for seven to eight months, after which he was signed for this film. When he was adequately signed for this film, he was not going to deny it at all, and he said He was very excited about it. Continuously he took a lot of information about the characters in this film, and after getting that information, he signed this film. He said that if there were any shortcomings inside this film If she went, then it became a big mistake for her, so she did not want to make any such mistake, due to which the film director or Sunny Deol would have any problem.

Manish had earlier also played in the film Pathan and in that too. His role was like a villain, about which he constantly said that this role was perfect for him, and within both roles, he was very different. He got a different kind of experience in one part where he got a chance to work with Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan and second this time, he got an opportunity to work with Sunny Deol, and he is very excited about both. He acted very well in both films, and Manish acted better in South films, where he played the role of villain. Seeing this, Anil Sharma offered him his film. Was signed for

Manish Wadhwa said that no one can act like Amrish Puri.

Ghadar 2 film will be released on August 11 in Indian theatres and at the box office, and the film director and producer have made excellent preparations for this; both of them have prepared very well for this film. Its promotion is going on, and there is no shortage of it. However, Manish has also worked in many films before this film, and he has also worked as a villain in many films, but he said that Amrish Acting like Puri is different from his capability. Amrish Puri is one of the great actors of Bollywood who has earned his name in the world through his acting. But how he put this role in himself was a big challenge for him, and he has accepted this challenge very well.

Amrish Puri’s role was consistently perfect, and how he did the work in his films was also worth watching; how he created a different atmosphere inside the film world was also exciting. It was better, and he has always been praised for this; the way he has been behaving was a big thing in itself and now the way many villains are acting constantly. It looks like his acting doesn’t look like him.

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