Many Bangladeshi people are going to Pakistan via India.

People are entirely occupying the border of India. Modi is wrongly occupying India’s wall, which is India’s neighboring country. India was ready to do this. India had issued a strict Madam that if anyone creates such a situation against their country, they will be seen taking stringent action against them. People have entirely started understanding that the more people try about it, the more people will speak about it, and India will be seen ultimately. It will be seen as becoming much more active, and India has now moved out of its old position and has reached a much higher status. We want to alert the people first because people are so concerned about it. It is not known how India made changes in its things, how India made efforts to move upward from its old situation and the main objective of India will remain the same.

India should be successful in fighting against terrorism.The more people are seen fighting the fight against terrorism, the better it will be for India. India is also trying its best here to make itself successful in its fight against terrorism. They are being made successful here, and many things are being talked about here because of how India has China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and all its big neighboring countries. In a way, they also hatch many conspiracies against India. We write all those wrong strategies against India on the border of India, which is adjacent to the wall of Pakistan. Recently, many people from Bangladesh were seen there. People were trying to sneak inside Pakistan by entirely using the Indian border.

Wrong activities are continuously seen near the borders of India.

We will ultimately fight for India. This will happen now because the actions being taken near the borders of India are entirely wrong. For many days, any mother is seen continuously being attacked by people in a terrible way. The effort that is going on is that the people who are here are doing wrong things, people are not needed, it is very different for here, and the Indian people constantly believe that if this kind of situation continues, in the coming time, India was prepared to go to war against those countries with very high consequences.

India’s relations with any country are pretty good. India’s concerns are very good with the country, and they constantly say that if people have good worries with them, then I will do good to them. The number of people seen in this way is very high, and the people who have been seen in this way continuously say that if full action is not taken against them in the coming time, they will be seen in a very different way here. It can also prove a completely different thing against them. Hence, all the countries should keep ordering as much as possible from India and before doing anything against India, they should also think a lot.

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