Many parts of India are in the danger zone of heat stroke, the condition is getting worse

The month of April comes, the summer season has started everywhere in India and the temperature has started hovering around 40 degrees and the tolerance of our body to bear the internal temperature is also around 40 degrees. If our body gets more than 40 degree temperature from outside, then it starts giving a lot of damage to our body and diseases like heat stroke starts giving it to our body only if 40 degree temperature is being released outside. It means that 104 degree Celsius is considered to be the temperature inside our body, which is correct, but if the temperature goes above it, then it starts harming our body inside and the hot heat that goes on harms our body a lot. That it gets so hot that the chances of getting heat stroke are high.
As heat stroke increases, dehydration, cholera, fever, swelling, cold and suddenly so many diseases occur from inside our body that our body does not even have the courage to do anything, that is, our body becomes very weak and during summer It is difficult to get out inside, it is difficult to even look outside, so if we can go inside the summer as much as possible or say that now within these 4 months of May, June, July, August, we go out in the afternoon as much as possible. Stop and even if you have to go out, apply sunscreen on your skin because by applying sunscreen, the capacity to tolerate the temperature of our body increases.
we must always keep a bottle of water with us and wear as many loose clothes as possible
Apart from this, we must always keep a bottle of water with us and wear as many loose clothes as possible and avoid wearing heavy clothes, as much as possible, we should consume cold things as much as possible and if it seems that heat stroke has happened or heat If you start feeling the symptoms of stroke, then immediately contact the doctor and take his advice from the doctor and do the further process according to the doctor, either you start staying indoors and stay indoors as much as possible. Consume cold things and if the heat stroke is more, then hospitalize yourself as far as possible because if you are hospitalized then only you will be able to stay healthy, otherwise it will be very difficult to stay healthy and even it has been seen that due to heat stroke Due to which many people have died. Last year also more and more people died due to heatstroke.

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