Narendra Modi has left for Egypt after a successful tour of America.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after a successful visit of 4 days, Narendra Modi will now leave for Egypt today, and when he had dinner with the President of America there, his dinner was trendy all over the world. It has been very much discussed, and how he was seen doing yoga inside the White House on World Yoga Day; after that, the meeting between the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and the President of America was a big deal between the two. The way good relations will be formed in the coming time is also an essential part of this conversation.

Narendra Modi will leave for Egypt today, and his visit to Egypt will be for two days; however, within these two days, there will be a long discussion about bilateral trade; however, after this, Narendra Modi will visit Egypt’s country. There are good things, we will reach there also because Narendra Modi had said some time ago that he wants to go to Egypt and see the culture there, and if he likes anything related to India, he will like it. It will go to India as an investment, and Narendra Modi has been doing it till now with his best efforts.

Indian PM Visits Egypt after 26 Years

After 1997, the Indian Prime Minister is visiting Egypt in 2023. After a long gap of 26 years, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches there, he will be welcomed there very well. The Prime Minister of Egypt has given full In a way, there we have made preparations to welcome Narendra Modi, and he has said that he wants to make the relations with India very good because India is the most peace-loving country in the world at present and after having such a huge population The kind of peaceful atmosphere there is a perfect sign for the whole world.

Narendra Modi will also visit the 100 years old Shia Masjid there and will be the first Prime Minister of India to reach the Shia Masjid. However, the Indian Prime Minister who reached there in 1996 also did not visit this mosque, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach there, and after that, he will also go to the Parliament House there. He will also be seen meeting with the President of Egypt, and good relations between these two countries can be expected from this visit. This visit is also essential for Egypt because it is a great privilege for the Prime Minister of a big country to visit their country like this.

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