New law for Leaked papers in Rajasthan

The Government of Rajasthan has questioned the central government on what are the reasons due to which the government is failing to enact any laws with respect to the leak of government exam question papers. The Government of Rajasthan in order to control such kinds of situations have basically enacted a new law according to which all instances of people leaks will be consoled to the maximum possible extent and strict action has been taken against all those people who are responsible for committing these activities. This particular legislation has been introduced in order to control different types of disorders which are conducted during the time of government examinations.

This law is very important for protecting the samity of the government examinations because these examinations are very crucial for deciding the quality of governance in the country and if it is reduced then automatically the level of the government will also be reduced and the decision makers will be not competent to take the decisions they are taking. Government employees have to be selected only after a tough process of scrutinization and without scrutiny the quality of these government officers cannot be tested. That is why this law was very important.

According to the new law of Rajasthan all the government officers who have passed any type of examination in which the examination paper was leaked will be dismissed from service as soon as possible. The Rajasthan government has continuously criticised the central government for not taking any action in this sensitive matter because it is important as it will be deciding the future of the country and the quality of the governance that will be provided to the citizens. In fact, the Rajasthan government has become the only government to take such a quick action against this important issue so that the people could prevent themselves from participating in any kind of activity which will end up in a bad result.

The elections are already around the corner and the government is trying every possible method in order to secure its spot in the state. It is important to understand that these kind of laws are very important for the country because people help to ensure that all the citizens understand the importance of regulations and rules to the maximum possible extent. The government wants to get the best possible kind of treatment and this will be only possible if they right candidates are responsible to take the decisions and the right candidates will be selected only with the help of an examination. It is only with the help of the collective effects of the government at the centre and the state level that a particular decision can be taken in this regard. This will be helpful to boost the confidence of all the citizens in the offices of the government so that they know the quality of the people with which they are run. This is the best aspect which must be taken into consideration.

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