Numerous people were murdered in a rebel raid on a school in Uganda near the DRC border.

Authorities attribute the fatal assault to the Allied Democratic Forces, which have connections to ISIL.
According to the higher authorities, an armed group affiliated with ISIL (ISIS) targeted the school in western Uganda, near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and claimed to have murdered at least 25 people there.
On Friday, Applied Democratic forces representatives and many related organizations from Uganda, along with the stronghold in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that has undertaken loyalty to ISL, attacked the Lhubirira in Mpondwe secondary school. They set a dormitory on fire and stole food.
The armed forces killed almost 25 dead bodies sent to the Bwera hospital from the school. Eight injured were also found, and they are in serious condition at Bewra Hospital, as per the Uganda police report on Twitter.
Also, it needs to be clarified how many students were among the victims. Police mentioned that the police were investigating and chasing the assailants as they fled toward the DRC’s Virunga national park.
In April, almost 20 people were killed when the ADF occupied a community in eastern DRC.

Also, there is the news, or the rumor, that this group was also involved in the March attack when 36 people were killed due to an overnight attack in the village of Mukondi, the region in eastern DRC.
In 2021, there was a bombardment of suicidal bonds in the capital Kampala, and many people were killed. The police also stated that this group might be involved in these activities.
The ADF is considered the deadliest of dozens of soldier militias that roam the mineral-rich eastern DRC; the ADF has been labeled a terrorist organization by the US. A rebel group, the National Army and the Muslim Army for the Liberation of Uganda organized the ADF in 1995 to take the Yoweri Museveni Government. Over the year, Following the DRC regimes that were eager to counter Rwandan and Uganda’s dominance in the nation supported the ADF.
However, the ADF started bombing Congolies armored sites in 2013, which forced the army to respond. In 2015, the group head, Jamil Mululu, successfully escaped to Tanzania; however, in Tanzania, he was arrested and then sent back to his country to answer the terror threats about the charge.
The ADF has described itself as the Madiana at the Tauheed Wau Mujahideen, mainly the city of the holy warriors and Monotheism. It has been associated with the soldier group ISIL in the few years.

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