Ola company will give a refund of Rs 130 crore to the customer.

At this time, we see a lot of craze for electric scooters and bikes has increased, and people also like to take them more because it costs very little, it consumes very little easily and petrol and diesel. If they are compared to scooters and bikes, then they are very expensive; because of this, the trend of people has increased a lot towards electric bikes, cars, and scooters, and people prefer to take them only. Because it easily goes to the right distance only through charging, they can come easily and do not have much problem.

Ola Scooter Company is an Indian company that manufactures electric scooters and how they have built their market in the last few years. It is a great example of continuously increasing its brand value inside the market. But recently came in the middle of some controversies, in which it was said that they charge a lot more money for their scooters than other companies, which is not right for the general public, and the Indian government has taken action against it. I started taking action for them, and when it was found that other scooter companies give them better scooters or better bikes at the same price, why have they kept such a high rate?

The Ola company asked to refund the charger money.

When the owner of Ola company was asked what could be the reason why you have increased the rate so much, he said that we bring a great product to the public, but if compared to other companies, their bike or scooter Writes in more market, on this Ola has said that she will refund back the charger money which is between 10000 to 19000 to the public so that they will no longer have trouble. They can easily buy Ola’s scooters, and The charger will be given to them for free, although earlier, the Ola company used to take money from the public for the charger, which used to cost more than ₹ 10 to ₹ 20000 for the general public.

Now in the coming time, if we see that Ola company will provide charger free of cost to its customers, whose price has been told from 10 to ₹ 20000, and other companies which give better scooters and bikes than this company, Ola company has also given it You have tried your best to upgrade. The bikes and scooters that Ola is going to bring into the upcoming market will be very good, and this is what the CEO of Ola company has said whenever he talks to the government that he is a customer. I want to bring the best products one after the other.

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