Omg 2 director got angry at the censor board

There is always some other thing going on in Bollywood, which ultimately keeps Bollywood in the headlines, and this time, the name of the Censor Board is coming up a lot in the two biggest headlines, how they have taken money from many people and got their films verified without anything in them. They have also confirmed many of the films, and such allegations are being leveled against them continuously, for which they are being blamed for censoring. This is different. If he had done it like this, he would not have been able to stop any film in Bollywood, and he would not have been able to take action on any film. He always believed that the film was suitable for society. The film is worth showing to the community. We want to show that film to the community in which anything obscene is being shown, in which anything wrong is being seen, which is unsuitable for society, the organization, or the children. He would never have seen the film if he had any lousy influence.

This time, many exams are being held on the Censor Board continuously. The Censor Board has also become very upset with these allegations, where they first had to take a bribe of ₹ 500,000 to verify the film and then imposed the second on them. An exam was conducted on him by an actor in South cinema, regarding which he also clarified that there is no such work, and in this way, he is not seen doing anything. This doesn’t seem right with him. He is a particular person who never gives air to these things. If such actions are taken against him in Bollywood, then it is very wrong against him. The people placed inside the Censor Board will be entirely responsible for him. It can also be trusted that he will do good things for his society and be seen working excellently for the community.

The Omji 2 director said that the censor board screens the wrong films.

The director of Om Ji 2 also recently gave a statement saying that he is entirely against the Censor Board, the way the Censor Board decided to show every obscene film. Still, when it is the turn of Om Ji 2, he has completely ignored it. He stood up and said that there were many wrong things in it which would have affected society, but there was no such thing in it, due to this, only the best things were used in the film, the excellent quality content was used in it. But gradually, because of him, we made many changes in our movie. Our film was not shown in the way it was being offered. He changed the entire script, and thus, After only taking his hand from the company, the taste of the film was gone, and we had to start the movie entirely from scratch.

Its director has also refused to release Omji 2 completely on OTT, and he said that he would never release it as a web series because of how the censor board has taken action against him. He is apprehensive about it and is also seen thinking that if such a dirty act can be done against him in this way, he will never release it further; however, now it is time to release him. Had he ever tried to ask for help from the Censor Board, and the Censor Board had entirely refused him, which was very wrong for him and not the right thing to do against the Censor Board?

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