Panchkula faces power shortages

The city of Panchkula has been impacted to a great extent over the period of time due to the regular power outages it has to face. All of this has been due to the basic fact that people do not know how to overcome this problem and at the same point of time the government is not taking into consideration the request of so many people. This particular program would be beneficial for the people in the long run because all the people who have got one or the other issue will be able to bring that to the notice of the authorities so that it can be solved as soon as possible. The government must support the way in which all of these situations are tackled because it will enhance the confidence of the consumers in the efficiency of the government department. All the Complaints would be registered and a strict action would be taken for the betterment of the people so that they do not face any kind of problem in the future.

It is important to understand that the level of growth will increase in respect to the ability of the government to satisfy all issues but this will be the first time that such a Portfolio will be launched for providing better facilities to the people. It is important to understand that the venue and the details of the conference will be provided in the form of a public notice so that all the people who have to file a complaint can register themselves in advance so that they get a chance to present the case for the authorities in order to seek the required redressal. According to the sources this particular type of platform will present different types of complaints regarding the failure of power supply and the efficiency of power supply so that the reliability of the same can be controlled over the period of time. Non compliance with any kind of government regulation will be responsible for suspending the license of the required authority and this is the maximum kind of punishment which can be offered in this regard.

A quick action would also be taken under the electricity act and any incident of accident and even theft would be in the position to recover adequate compensation so that people get a lesson in the long run that the government is working for the betterment of the country as a whole. This is one of the most important aspect which has to be noted because all of this shows the level of commitment that the government has promised in order to provide the best services to the people so that it is possible for them to provide better availability. The government has also expressed its feelingness to hold such kind of programs again and again so that it is possible for the people to trust the government over the period of time

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