Rahul gandhi invites a frut vendor for dinner

Rahul Gandhi is once again within the hearts of the people with the heartfelt gusto according to which he has invited a fruit vendor to his home for dinner and not only this but also he is invived in serving the dinner and lunch to that person and the smile of the person says the tall with the kind of respect the such a great politician has been able to this to upon a common man is definitely matter of great owner and it has to be appreciated has election of 2024 is around the corner and all of these stunts is nothing but a publicity propaganda which will be having its own negative impact over the period of time and most of the people have been able to practice all of this activity for the simple reason because they do not want to understand the reasoning behind all of these factors and even if they get a basic kind of understanding then the always right to connect the doors with the factors that it is only a way to attract the people and the both and it is definitely short lived and will not continue over the period of time.

It has been not for the first in the Rahul Gandhi has been under taking all of these activities and usually gets to know these activities because he is a great personality over all at the way in which he has been able to behave his probably amazing but the fact that he always does all of these activities before the election make all of such a false very much predictive and at the same point of time they also try to connected with the lot of people for the simple reason that nobody knows the reason behind all of these activities and even if we get to know the reason behind these activities then it will become difficult for them to get a proper solution on time. People but even if they are taking place then the people must get a proper solution over the time because if this solution is not available to them then automatically is not that easy for the people to get the simply vote out of themselves. Rahul Gandhi has always been entilled with such kind of activities with the passage of time but the fact that all of this is a public stunt and nothing of it is actually genuine reduces important the follow these activities and people are left with no other option than to control his activities over the time and it is only with the help of time the people can understand the actual understanding of all of these reasons.

It is not easy for a lot of people to get that the government is working to the best of the capacity in the way things can be sorted out is something amazing but all the people must try to understand that it is not that easy for them to get a basic understanding the PCB and it is only for D help off time D De can realise but why all of this is the coming relevant for them in the long run. It is not easy for the people to get the fact that this is going to work for the best of the benefit but if things have been moving in this way then it is going to become out of important for the time. This is what that matters to the people in the long Bean and the things have been moving in the other way then it has to be thought as soon as possible because nobody wants the people to get all of these factors straighten them and even if the people are getting all of these factor sweating then some kind of solution has to be brought in that regard

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