Rainfall levels increase in Gujarat

The level of rainfall in Gujarat has increased beyond the level of console and finally it has been able to leave a great impact not only on the property and the life of the people but also on the cattle to a great extinct because in a recent video that is becoming famous on social media platform that can be easily seen that the cattle is being post away and nothing can be done in order to stop this particular kind of damage and this is something serious that has to be taken into consideration before it is too late because people do not even understand that what will be the negative side effects of all of this and this is going to decrease the potential of the agriculture sector and will post a major threat to the people at large and that is why the government must do something in order to protect the cattle from every possible kind of danger so that it becomes feasible for the government also to get in idea about the multiple type of aspects that has to be taken into consideration over the time.

The level of intervention has definitely increased over the time and people do not even have an idea about multiple type of aspects and all accounting to the statistics a total of 500 cattle has been affected and this is a fruits number to take a proper action on time 4 it is too late because if think go like this automatically it will become difficult for the people to find out these in which we can control all the aspects over the time and this will be a major lost to multiple industry and nothing could be done about it. This is going to held people in multiple type of wave and the do not even find the proper understanding of all of these aspect and none of then have been given the sun this standing with how many multiple factors work up to the capacity and find out the ways in which things have to be done easily and without any kind of problem.

This is the kind of understanding which is required in order to note on the aspects over the time and if these kind of understanding is already provided to the people then things will become much more easier to understand the way in which the gravity of the situation has to be highlighted and multiple aspects have to be taken into consideration in advance but nothing has been done by the agricultural department even after so much among to philos has been reported and this is putting all of the agriculture sector in a huge amount of pressure because it do not know how to get a long with all of these changes.

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