Rajesh used to go to the theatre in the evening after driving a taxi all day.

When he did his film Maachis, after that he did not get to do any movie for about 4 to 5 years, but after that, one day, when Akshay offered food to Rajesh, hearing this, Rajesh’s eyes were filled with tears, and this moment became his favourite. It was very painful for him because even after being such a great artist, it was surprising not to get any work, and at that time, his heart was feeling very bad because of not getting any work for such a long time. The person was frustrated and disappointed.

At present, everyone seems to be struggling in their life, and especially if we talk about Bollywood stars, many such stars could never come forward, as Rajesh has acted in excellent films. He played the character, and some time ago, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni The Untold Story movie was released, his role in becoming Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s coach was significant. After seeing the same character, he became very much discussed. It is also bad for Bollywood to get such a prominent artist in films.

Did not get any work continuously for 4 to 5 years

When such stars are present, and still they are not getting work, then it is a surprising incident, and when it was a matter of time before Akshay served food to Rajesh at his house, then his eyes lit up. I was in trouble because he did not get any film for a gap of 4 to 5 consecutive years, and talking about Rajesh’s personal life, Rajesh was married twice in his life, and he married his first wife, Sudipta Chakravati, in 2005. But due to mutual differences, both could not maintain the relationship for a long time and around 2009, they separated from each other.

After that, in 2011, Rajesh married Bollywood’s famous actor Sangeeta Sharma, and then both started living very carefully in their married life and spending time with each other. Rajesh has struggled a lot in his life, and despite being such a good artist, he could not find work in Bollywood, due to which Rajesh used to be very disappointed, and when he got a film, he would be seen working hard in the movie.

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