RBI releases the annual report

The annual report by the Reserve Bank of India has been released. This report has been scheduled for the financial year of 2022 to 2023. According to the statement of this report all the details with respect to the functioning of The Reserve Bank of India have been notified. The most important figure that has been revealed as a part of this report is the annual income of The Reserve Bank of India which it earned in the previous financial year. It was estimated to be around 2.24 lakh crore. The income of The Reserve Bank of India has increased by 50% because it was 1.7 lakh crore in the previous financial year of 2021 to 2022. The most important source of income is the profit which is earned by the Reserve Bank of India through the following exchange. This income has crossed 1 lakh crore over the period of time. There has been an increase in the interest income and at the same point of time the domestic Holdings of foreign security has also increased in this financial year. As a result, the level of the dividend income which is owned by the central government has also increased and has crossed 80000 crores for the first time as compared to what it was earlier. This windfall gain has been able to provide a better amount of subsidy to the government because a lot of money has been saved in different regards.

The highest achievement has been reported by the monetary policy committee.. There has been a significant increase in the lending rates in order to reduce the consumption expenditure and at the same point of time reduce the inflation that has been increasing over the period of time. The emergency credit line guarantee scheme has played a very important role in order to prevent the increasing stress on the financial sector in India specially during the pandemic. In addition to these figures, the number of frauds have also increased. The amount of bad debts have also jumped to an all time high. But despite that the banking sector has been able to be in profit after a very long period of time.

But one of the most important factors of this annual report has been the decreasing amount of the foreign direct investment. The amount of foreign direct investment received in this current financial year was even less than 11.3 billion dollars. The total amount of the investment has been reduced by 26% as against the figures of the previous financial year in which the investment increased by 17%. This problem has been created by the development of various industries. It is important to note that these incentives will definitely help to promote local manufacturing over the period of time but no considerable movement has been made it till now.

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