Reasonable efforts were seen in the relations between Nepal and India.

There is a continuous discussion about the good relations between Nepal and India and the way the relations between Nepal and India have become very bad in the last few days. After that, now their concerns are entirely getting better. It is visible, and there is a constant discussion among them about their relations and how China had tried to conspire against India in collaboration with Nepal, even though it was proven wrong in the best way. It will be seen because China was caught trying to discuss its issues with India in any way possible, discuss its relations with India, and China had also informed Nepal that it would not cooperate with India. Reduce your treaty and try to work continuously regarding the agreement with India. With India, they had stopped entirely importing and exporting, after which Nepal was seen agreeing to China.

Nepal has entirely spoiled the good relations between China and Nepal and has tried to renegotiate its agreement with India. It has said that it will not sell electricity to India. They will be seen exchanging electricity with India very soon because Nepal has tremendous electricity production and is constantly trying to export electricity to India. He can, and India is ready to import it. However, during this meeting a few days ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed that he wants Nepal to have excellent relations with its neighbouring countries in the coming time. They will also be prepared for India, and how they will have good relations with neighbouring countries will prove excellent for them.

China said that Nepal does not have enough electricity on its own

China has been continuously trying to destroy the relations between India and Nepal. In this very effort, it has made complete preparations to destroy itself because India, By repeatedly entering the border, has continuously tried to increase terrorism inside India. Still, India has entirely issued him a request that it is not ready for this in any way in the future. It will remain so because the good relations between India and Nepal can be seen in abundance. The excellent relations between the two countries can be seen here, and there are many ongoing discussions between these countries regarding good links. The debate did not occur, whereas the Prime Minister of Nepal ultimately said he was ready to support India because India is one of his best neighbouring countries.

If we look at the relations between India and Nepal properly, their links used to be very good earlier. Still, China has wholly spoiled their concerns, but now, they are expected to become good again in the coming time. In the future, many good things will be seen here. After this, the efforts to bring them to the fore will continue amid the problems arising between the whole second, while China also said that the way Nepal tries very hard in itself here, it always tries to show itself in good form in some form or the other. This may also become a severe problem for them because the relations between China and India are only expected to be good once again.

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