Russian prison inmates will now fight the war against Ukraine.

Between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for the last year, it is not taking the name of stopping continuously; there is a lot of carnage, it has been seen, and during this war, both countries have been harmed. Even a powerful country like Russia has suffered a lot during this war because if Russia goes to war with such a small country, it should not suffer huge losses. Still, even if it goes on continuously for one to one and a half years, then His government coffers also seem to be getting empty, while the funds he is collecting for his war, there are many plans prepared for that too.

It believes it will be defeated if it retreats from Ukraine, but Ukraine is also still waiting to retreat. Ukrainian is saying that if someone attacks, he is prepared to answer. He will never stop occupying his country and is constantly trying to take Ukraine under his control and get away from a big country like Ukraine and a developed country. Very few have been seen in this world the way Ukraine has progressed. It has wholly got mixed in the soil, and the situation there has become terrible at the moment.

Putin put the proposal in the Parliament of Russia, which may get approval soon.

Russian President Putin has put a proposal inside the parliament. In this proposal, it has been said that for the war that is going on between Ukraine and Russia, we cannot keep our soldiers there for a long time because our soldiers will die. This seems to have happened, and in this way, if their soldiers are fewer continuously, then it will become a matter of great concern for them the way many countries have joined with Ukraine. They are continually seen attacking it every day. It has weakened a bit, and Russia has tried to collect its funds differently, but it does not seem successful.

In front of the parliament, Putin has proposed that the prisoners inside the jail will now be seen fighting the war in front of Ukraine by making them his soldiers. Even if Kirti dies, he will not have much problem, so everyone seems to be using their brains and wants to take over Ukraine somehow. That’s why He’ll try his best, and Russia’s missile tests have also ramped up a lot.

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