Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan came to see Ganpati Bappa

In this, a lot of devotion to Ganpati Bappa is seen in the entire country, and people continuously install Ganpati Bappa inside their houses. Gradually, it is seen increasing a lot, and in the midst of this, Bollywood is also coming into existence. Don’t step back. Even in Bollywood, you can see a lot of devotion towards Ganpati Bappa and the feeling of faith comes out in a solid form. In Maharashtra, I have noticed dedication towards Lord Ganesha. It is done a lot there; people love Lord Ganesha, and most of the Lord Ganesha is placed there; thus, Bollywood is also entirely from Mumbai. It is connected, and hence the devotion to Ganpati Bappa there is in a different form, the way the biggest idol of Lord Ganesha is decorated inside Lalbagh, his biggest model is continuously seated there, this is the last one. He has been coming there for many years, and till now, the biggest tableau has been taken out inside Lalbagh, where all the Bollywood actors and actresses are seen reaching there.

Just like the people in Bollywood who are very much discussing their Batti, Shahrukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan, also comes from a Hindu religion, so she is always conscious about her faith. She also discusses a lot about Shahrukh Khan and he never leaves his religion. She is also constantly aware of her religion, and at the same time, she is also seen fully supporting Shahrukh Khan and does not support him in any way. Even for work, he is not seen refusing. Hence, the understanding between them is also excellent. Although there has always been a perfect love between them, both got married when Shahrukh Khan Had not achieved any significant achievement and then Gauri Khan came with him till today. Both support each other entirely and support each other a lot.

A massive crowd of Shahrukh Khan fans was seen

When Shahrukh Khan went there, a vast group was seen there, and He was seen in bed so much to take selfies with her; in the same way, his craze is not decreasing. His film Jawan was recently released, after which his recognition in Bollywood increased. His character in Bollywood has also improved, so he constantly tries to remain active in Bollywood in some way or another, the way he works in Bollywood. The more he tries to perform well in Bollywood, the more he is seen succeeding in it.

Besides Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, many other actors and actresses have also reached Lalbagh. Apart from this, directors and producers are also seen coming there continuously, just like now, for the upcoming Bollywood movies in the coming season. People are seen praying to Ganpati Bappa to make his film a super hit, and people like him very much. And for this, many prayers have been seen there, which is happening during the Ganpati festival in Mumbai. A huge crowd is being seen regarding Bappa. The connection between Bollywood and devotion is very high, and Bollywood is also very much informed about dedication. It is constantly talking about it. It is also progressing, and many films are being made on Bhakti in Indian Bollywood.

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