Shameful incident for Indian railways

If becomes important to understand the things if not be moving that easily for a lot of people and it is only with the help of time that everything is sorted out but something is not be moving according to the inlisted capacity of a lot of people and this is what surprises the people who are great extent because according to the latest sources it can be brought forward that people have Nau bi living an Veri sad life this is evident by the recent type of incidence which have been reporting the country time and again and according to the sources it the Indian Railways have not at all become C for a lot of people and their multiple issues which the people have to face in one or the other way and for instance the biggest kind of issue the people have to face is the security of multiple religious minorities over the period of time and nobody has been able to live a life safely in that place for the simple reason that multiple people work insus about the kind of understanding that the might be in the position to get but over the period of time everything has become so complicated incident the consciousness of the entire incident has taken place to a great extent and nobody actually knows how to go about it and what is the way to get sorted with the information.

An incident has taken please on the Railways according to pitch a police constable post a woman of Pakistan to recite Jai Hind again and again after win she was not feeling to do so and this incident has been captured by the media and multiple videos have been circulated on social media platform and all of this has made the mockly of the secular Indian model which has been in existence for the times in memorial and specially from the time when the constitution was in picture because multiple people do not know how to react to all of the situation of time and you do not even have this idea that how they speaking would be improved over the period of time and it is only with the help of proper solution that something can be done about it. This particular incident has basically got two kind of intentions the first intention is basically to teach the voltage large that India will not subdued sulfurt any cost but the second message is wrong and this has been able to established the faults of the miss you over the Pakistani and none of them was it fault and the constable was just trying to make fun of the women to work with extent but this time incident not turn off the funny for long and everything was converted into something which must have been the keys at all.

This is going to be helpful to an next level because most of the people cannot even expect having this information on tantrins with them but if this information is available for a long tangent in people have to do something about this because this will definitely try to get elevated to the level of the international Hold and people will have to move to disclosure requirement in this regard but multiple aspects have to be considered side by side in order to avoid these kind of people questions in the future. It basically takes time to admit that it is not always easy to find out the final conclusion behind all of these kind of incidents but one people behind it becomes possible to convince them in multiple ways

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