Sour curd can harm health, do not keep hot milk in the fridge.

We try every day to maintain our health at its best so that our health remains perfect and our body functions continuously, and we do not face any disease. Seeing this, a person wants to consume more and more buttermilk and curd, and the more buttermilk and curd are consumed in summer, the more it is beneficial for our body, but it also has many disadvantages.

Many times we can do harm in routine, or our body can get many diseases; often in summer, we like to eat buttermilk and curd cold, but there are many such facts which we have to take care of mainly. If we keep the curd open in the refrigerator, water will separate from it, and curd will separate, which can be dangerous for patients with asthma and gas or harmful to their health.

The gas problem of keeping hot milk in the freeze is also harmful to asthma patients.

If we keep the milk warm in the fridge, then the milk gets separated, and the amount of curd in it also gets separated; people who have problems taking it with asthma and who have gas problems, and those who have Arthritis. People have issues that can prove very harmful to them, and if we have to avoid all these, we have to keep all these things in mind. Curd should never be kept open in the freezer so that there is no harm to our health. And at the same time, we also have to remember that we should not eat sour curd and sour buttermilk because if we eat sour curd and sour buttermilk, it can cause gas, which can harm our bodies.

We should take care of these things because, in summer, many people like to eat buttermilk and curd. In rural areas, the dominance of buttermilk and curd is very high. Those people consume buttermilk and curd in large quantities, but this must be kept in mind. Curd should never be kept open in the refrigerator, and milk should not be held in the fridge after heating so that our bodies cannot be harmed. We will consume them in good quantities the way they should be kept in the refrigerator if through the same process. If we keep them in the fridge and then eat it, it will be very beneficial for our bodies, and their losses will be reduced. Curd and buttermilk have been described as a panacea in summer; it is easily available to us at no cost and is beneficial for our body. It is very beneficial for us, and we get many benefits from consuming them in summer or any other season.

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