Stones hurled at Meghalaya CM

A recent incident at Meghalaya has been able to shake the confidence of a lot of people in the times to come. A lot of people have started painting stones at one other than but Chief Minister and this is nothing but the mockly of the constitutional structure of India which nobody would expected this particular point of time when the political climate of India is already very complicated and tensed and in the light of all of what was already happening such kind of incidence have been able to express that the state government have not been in the position matters and that is why such kind of incidence has become very common in the country but this is completely nothing can be done because nobody could have actually predicted something of this time to happen. In such a situation it becomes importance to understand that all the factors have to be taken into account and these factors must be simplified to the maximum possible extent because if the factors are not simplified then people will find it difficult to copy and that whether the state in choice in the confidence of the people and if it does not then it is a time for the central government to image more powerful by the imposition of the president’s rule.

Sach particular kind of instances have been able to teach a lot of factors to the government and the history has been epitone to the spark that the way in which things change over the period of time then accordingly something has to be done about it as soon as possible and people must find out what is actually necessary for them in the times become tomorrow to reach it wait of conclusion over the time because this is the time when they must act in solid directly with respect to what ever we have been in Manipur and the do not want all the immunities in Meghalaya also to fight in the same way I find in Manipur because this is something which is completely unauthorised and unexpectable and this is the best way in which it is possible for this kindly to maintain the control over there world at large and it is going to held out people who are great extent because things will have to meet its own instant over the period of time.

When it comes to finding solutions then it is only upon the state government to understand that what is necessary for it at this point of time because if the government is able to satisfy the important and the benefits in automatically it will become possible for them to understand the intention of the people as well as possible and if the government does not full these intentions in automatically it will be same from a lot of damage and loss and this is going to hate the people.

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