Taliban kills thousands of people

The United Nations has released an official statement that after the entire state of Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban around 12 citizens have been killed so far. This is nothing but a violation of the humanity and all the related revolutions which have been drafted by the United Nations for the protection of all the people. This particular statement has been in the position to atract be attention of a lot of people over the period of time that the condition of the world is definitely in a risky situation for the time being because people do not understand that the number of casualties are increasing over the period of time.

It becomes important to note that this report only belongs to 1 year but if an attempt is made to analyse they because of the previous year then the number of the killed civilians will definitely be increased over the time. It is important to understand that the United States of America and other organizations are trying their level best to take control of the situation as soon as possible but it will not be feasible for the country to do the same.

Taliban has taken control across Afghanistan over a long period of time now and it is hurting for the country to take a stand and also take a streat action. But nothing can be done for the moment because the situation has completely going out of control and it is only with the help of proper methods that a solutions can be reached out as soon as possible but it is only with the involvement of some International organizations that the situation can be improved over the period of time and it will be feasible for the people to take opportunities of development just like other people of countries do. This particular effort by the government has to be monitored with the period of time are soon as possible. This will help to develop a solution as soon as possible in the long run so that nothing is left Behind and adequate facilities are provided. In such a situation it becomes important to understand that the world is in danger and the time has come for the people to take a tough stand.

Taliban has captured the entire country and it is expanding the seizure across different parts of the country. It is only with the help of a adequate efforts that a solution can be provided with the maximum possible intensity and this will definitely increase the couple of efforts. With so many people already killed it is not feasible for the country to take any action against the people because they are the victims as well and it is only with the help of a proper strategy that Taliban control can be mitigated over the period of time but this will be require extensive planning. This is a particular aspect which has to be taken into consideration for the best result so that people live a life of dignity and do not live under the terror of organisations like Taliban.

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