Ten teams have been announced for the World Cup

The World Cup 2023 is about to start completely, and it will begin in October; this time, India will host the World Cup, and after 2011, India will host the World Cup for the first time in 2023, and the BCCI has fully prepared for it. He has done it right now; he has said that he does not want to leave any gap in the World Cup this time, as every time there is some gap in the World Cup, India seems to be trying its best for this too. Before giving this tournament to India, ICC often said that India would help them a lot in making it successful.

India hosted it in the 2011 World Cup as well, and then the Indian team was victorious in this India won the World Cup for the first time after 1983 by defeating Sri Lanka, and after 24 years, what was the name of this World Cup? So this time also, it is expected that the Indian team will be seen playing here, and they can win the World Cup here. This time, the whole preparations are being seen here. For this, the way the Indian team has prepared has been made within the last four years because even last year, when the Indian team lost in the semi-finals of the World Cup, the Indian team had to face a very humiliating defeat.

Sri Lanka and the Netherlands team made their place in the qualifying round.

This time ten teams will take part in the World Cup, and these ten teams were not announced for a long time because the Super-8 are the teams which were a significant part of which India, South Africa, Australia, England, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are in the entire team. I was already ready for Super 8 inside the World Cup, but still, many teams had to come from the qualifying round; every time, 12 teams were selected, but this time qualified for the first round in just eight days. And two teams were to be called from outside the qualifying round, although these two teams are also fully prepared now.

The Netherlands team performed very well in the qualifying round and has worked very hard to qualify for the next round. The West Indies were also seen to be out of this tournament. Sri Lanka has also confirmed its place in the World Cup. The Sri Lankan team was performing very poorly inside the ODIs, due to which the qualified Round had to be played, and now all the 10 out of 10 teams of the World Cup are already ready.

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